Wind Farm Community Funds Covid-19 Response

Our Covid-19 support for communities living near our Wind Farms is about to open – please click here to learn more.

ESB launched a special COVID-19 emergency response wind farm community fund

  • The fund – amounting to almost €240,000 is available to existing community-based not-for-profit and voluntary organisations in the vicinity of ESB’s operating wind farms across the island of Ireland and the UK.
  • The aim of the fund, which will include is to deliver targeted services and support to the most vulnerable including the provision of essential supplies and educational material in response to the Covid-19 emergency.
  • ESB already provides almost €1 million in annual funding to communities through its wind farm community funds.

Further information can be found here.

2020 Wind Farm Community Funds

The Wind Farm Community Funds

The Wind Farm Community Funds were established by ESB and joint venture partners Galetech EnergyGreencoat and Enercon with the intention of helping the communities neighbouring our wind farms to become more sustainable through the support of positive local initiatives and activities.

The funds seeks to address current and emerging issues, needs and opportunities within communities, enriching lives and creating brighter possibilities for local residents. SECAD Partnership CLG administers these 15 Irish community funds which surround twelve wind farms owned by ESB subsidiary companies, and three other wind farms such companies co-own with Galetech Energy, Greencoat and Enercon.

What is it?

The Wind Farm Community Funds is available to support once-off expenditure such as the purchase of equipment, building or refurbishment work. Support for larger projects over a multi annual basis may also be considered.

Who is it for?

The fund is available to community and voluntary organisations for projects which are based with in a given distance of that particular wind farm.

How to get it?

You project must be located within the area of benefit of the relevant wind farm. Your project must also be eligible. Full details on how to apply can be found here